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Blood Feud

Blood Feud - Alyxandra Harvey The second book in the Drake Chronicles features Logan, the second youngest and most fashion-conscious of the Drake brothers, and Isabeau who is the daughter of a duke and who survived the French Revolution when her parents did not. However, she is still a young vampire like Logan because her sire buried her for 200 years. She was rescued by a fierce group of vampires called the Hounds. She goes to the Drakes to represent them to the new queen's court. The Hounds have foretold that she will find her mate among the Drakes and Logan is more than OK with that. However, before they get to happily ever after, they have to defeat Montmartre as he tries to take over the court and Greyhaven, the vampire who turned her, as he stages a coup against Montmartre on his way to trying to win the throne. Great book!