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Initiate (The Unfinished Song, #1)

Initiate (The Unfinished Song, #1) - Tara Maya This coming of age fantasy was a quick light read. Dindi has a dream of being accepted as a magic-using dancer for her tribe even though nobody in her clan has ever been selected for that honor. Kavio is a warrior-dancer with considerable magic who is exiled from the clan after being convicted of a crime he did not commit. His cousin accused him because he wants his place in the clan. Both are traveling (separately) to a neighboring tribe. Dindi is going to go through the initiation ceremony to determine her future life role; Kavio is going to see if he has a place in that tribe. The world is sort of like the American Southwest but with the addition of magic. Ends on a major cliffhanger!Lack of closure is the main reason that I gave this one four stars.