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Blood Challenge (Lupi Series #7)

Blood Challenge (Lupi Series #7) - Eileen Wilks Lily and Rule are engaged which has some of the usual problems i.e. Lily's mother is helping to plan the wedding and some unusual problems i.e. Humans First is trying to kill them. Also the Lupi's ancient enemy is gathering minions again. One minion is Robert Friar who is the head of Humans First and who is making his money via a new date rape drug and a drug that controls Lupi but also makes them insane. The romance this time is between Rule's older brother Benedict and Arjenie Fox who is part elf and whose sister is in the control of Friar and is making potions for him. Benedict had a chosen before but she lost her life trying to break the mate bond. Benedict almost died too and is still guilt filled. When the Lady chooses Arjenie for him, his first and strongest reaction is fear. He doesn't want to force another woman into a mate bond. Great episode!