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The Dark City (Relic Master Series #1)

The Dark City #1 (Relic Master) - Catherine Fisher This is the start of a young adult epic fantasy. Galen and Raffi, master and student and members of the Order of the Keepers, are on the run from the Watch. The Order is in disarray. The Keepers are being hunted, tortured and killed. Galen and Raffi want to make their way to the city of Tasceron where they hope to find a relic to defeat the Watch and save their world. The Keepers have various kinds of magic but Galen was injured and lost his. He hopes that the mysterious Crow in Tasceron can heal him. Carys Arrin, a young Watcher spy, joins with them on their quest. She wants to find Keeper secrets and capture them but, as she gets to know them better, she begins to question what the Watch has taught her.