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Flying Blind (Dragon Diaries Series #1)

Flying Blind - Deborah Cooke Zoe is fifteen and a half and waiting both for puberty and for her dragon powers to kick in. See, she's the Wyvern - the only female dragon. One has to die before the next one can be born. Unfortunately, that makes it hard to get the training needed to be the next Wyvern. She and the other dragons her age go to summer boot camp over spring break. But a stranger with a good story shows up and they are all very suspicious of each other. Turns out the mages who had been lying low had developed a new plot to gain power. It started with capturing all of their dads. They have have to get over the suspicion and work together to free their dads. Fortunately, they have the help of an untrained spellcaster named Jared who is a really hot member of a band and Isabell who is a psychic and one dragon's adopted daughter. Good start to a new series.