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Never Cry Wolf (Night Watch, #4)

Never Cry Wolf (Night Watch, #4) - Cynthia Eden I enjoyed this urban fantasy/paranormal story. Lucas is a strong hero who has weaknesses that aren't as hidden as he would like. It seems that everyone, including the heroine, is playing on them. The man/wolf is a sucker for a damsel in distress. The heroine is definitely "in distress." She is being chased by another werewolf who has enlisted a couple packs of coyotes to go after her too. They all want her dead.Sarah runs to Lucas but first has to get him out of jail. He has been accused of murder because a body was dumped on his doorstep. This story has it all - werewolves, werecoyotes, demons, vampires, mambos, and charmers. We get to meet a host of Other characters. Sometimes it felt like there were just too many characters. I know that this is not Eden's first book and I am guessing that some of these characters were introduced in other stories. The story deals with crosses, double-crosses and bunches of betrayals. It seems like everyone except Lucas has secrets that impact the plot of the book. It was a story filled with rich complexity and kept me reading until I reached the last page and figured everything out. I liked the romance between Lucas and Sarah. It began realistically with physical attraction but quickly deepened as the characters got to know each other. It took Lucas quite a while to figure out that he was in love with Sarah but that wasn't surprising considering his background. One of the most touching things was when he described his feelings for Sarah and asked her if that was love. I recommend this book and this author if you are looking for good urban fantasy/paranormal romance. The romance was hot and the action was non-stop.