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On Basilisk Station (Honorverse)

On Basilisk Station - David Weber The first Honor Harrington book introduces us to Honor and her treecat Nimitzas she takes command of the Fearless after Horrible Hemphill has gutted her weapons systems for some experimental armament. Honor originally makes it work but, once the element of surprise is lost, the weapons prove to be a very bad idea. Rather than accepting blame herself, Hemphill has Honor and the Fearless transferred to Basilisk Station. The current commander, an old enemy of Honor's, leaves Honor in charge while he goes takes his ship home for an "essential refit." Honor knows she has an impossible job but she is determined to do her best. She immediately gets to work stopping smuggling and foiling a plan by Manticore's enemy Haven to throw Manticore out of the Basilisk system and to claim it for themselves.