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Ghost Story (Dresden Files Series #13)

Ghost Story (Dresden Files Series #13) - I just devoured this amazing story. I love the rich language and description in the Dresden books and this one was no exception. The descriptions of the various monsters were enough to trigger some really odd and creepy dreams last night. This story has Harry waking up in an alternate Chicago, styled Between, and choosing, or being manipulated into choosing, to go back to reality as a shade to try to help those people he loves. And to find out who murdered him.Harry's complete destruction of the Red Court of Vampires to save the daughter he didn't even know he had has created a power vacuum and all sorts of evil beasties are eager to try to fill it. His colleagues -- Karrin, Molly, Butters and many others -- are trying to defeat the monsters and trying to deal with Harry's loss.Harry needs to find someone who is able to see and hear him and so goes to an ectomancer named Mortimer Lindquist. He has known Mort for a long time but they aren't friends. Mort fancies himself a coward and in incredibly reluctant to involve himself in anything that Dresden wants. After all, he knows Dresden and he knows the sorts of problems that target him. Luckily one of Mort's guardian ghosts convinces him that he has to get involved with Dresden.Naturally, events spiral into more and more complexity as Harry tries to save his friends and find his own murderer. As usual it is impossible to really describe the story of the this book. There are so many wonderful characters - both old and new -- and so many incredible situations that it defies summary. Harry is on a voyage of self-discovery in this episode as he relives past memories and choices. This is an excellent adventure in the Dresden series and a must for all fans. Newcomers would be well-advised to begin at the beginning - Storm Front - and get to know Dresden and his world.