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Out in Blue (Return to Sanctuary)

Out in Blue - Sarah Gilman I really enjoyed this urban fantasy/paranormal romance. In this world angels fall, are protected by demons, and are hunted by humans for their feathers. Wren watched his family's guardian demon betray them and kill his parents when he was ten years old. He has been on the run from both guardians and humans ever since. Ginger overhears human poachers discussing the angel that they have located and rushes off to try to rescue him. After all, she was raised by a demon and knows about angels. When the rescue attempt goes awry, Ginger and Wren are both on the run. The poachers do let slip that the father he thought was dead has been the prisoner of the poachers and their rogue demon leader for eighteen years. Wren is determined to rescue him and reluctantly goes to the demons for assistance. Along the way, Ginger and Wren fall in love. But Wren is afraid to commit to her because the demon who killed and tortured his parents had said that worse would happen to anyone Wren loved. Wren also has an unusual psychic power. He can kill anyone he touches. A previous love interest was afraid of him and feared his power. He is afraid that Ginger won't be able to cope with it either.The book is filled with interesting mythology about angels and demons. I also very much enjoyed the romance between Ginger and Wren. I recommend this one to readers who like paranormal romance and like angels. I can't wait for more books in the Sanctuary series.