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One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress Series #6)

One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost This was another great adventure for Cat & Bones. I love the way their relationship is deepening now that they are married. The problem in this one is finding out a way to kill a ghost.Heinrich Kramer was a witch hunter. He delighted in raping, torturing and burning young women at the stake after "convicting" them of being witches. Unfortunately, dying doesn't stop his personal reign of terror. Each Halloween he is able to become corporeal and continue his tradition. When one of Fabian's friends - another ghost named Elisabeth - tells Cat the story, Cat is determined to find a way to stop Kramer. Since her last adventure gave her a way to call ghosts and remnants to her, Cat thinks that she is suited for the job. But Kramer is much stronger and much more dangerous than she had anticipated. Even when he doesn't have a body, he is able to become a poltergeist and interact with physical objects. And Cat can't strike him back. She engages a medium named Tyler to see if she can find a way to banish him. Tyler provides some comic relief to the tension of the story because he is a homosexual who is constantly lusting after the very sexy vampires.Cat and Bones along with their friends Spade, Denise, and Ian have to find a way to set a trap for Kramer and rescue this year's intended victims. Complicating matters is the fact that Cat's Uncle Don didn't cross over when he died and he is around as a ghost. He wants Cat to find a way to get him to the after-world - but not until he figures out what the new boss of his old organization is up to. This new commander has a hidden agenda and an over-fascination with Cat. He gets in the way of Cat's plans and provides a number of complications.If you are looking for strong urban fantasy with a strong romance element, the Cat and Bones series is a good choice. Bones is a very romantic hero. Cat is a strong and competent heroine.