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Echo Falls

Echo Falls - Jaime McDougall This was an exciting story about one of my favorite subjects - werewolves. Phoebe is on the run. Each time she things she has found a safe place, her pursuer finds her again and forces her to run again. He seems to delight in toying with her. When she gets to Echo Falls she is attacked and rescued by Aidan who just happens to be a policeman and the alpha of the local werewolf pack. They are instantly attracted but Phoebe doesn't want to get Aidan involved in her troubles. Aidan has troubles of his own. Three young werewolves who were not part of his pack had been murdered. The police don't know they are werewolves and are baffled by the crimes because the victims seem to have nothing in common. One of Aidan's pack and fellow police officer Thomas is sure that whoever is committing the murders has assistance from a traitor in the pack. Then Thomas is killed...The pack realizes that they have attracted the attention of a hunter. It takes Phoebe quite a while to realize this and even longer to admit that she knows who her pursuer is. After all, she has been running from her ex-boyfriend since he found out she was a werewolf, he killed her brother, and tried to kill her because she was an "abomination."I liked the story and found it entertaining but did want to slap Phoebe upside the head more than once and yell at her to trust Aidan and let him know what she knew. Her stubborn insistence on solving the problem herself was pretty inexplicable because everything in her encounters with the hunter showed her in way over her head. I couldn't understand why she thought that keeping secrets from Aidan and the pack would keep them safer than letting them know what she knew.If you are looking for a good werewolf story with lots of adventure and a little romance, this one will be satisfying. Let me know what you think of Phoebe and her decisions.