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Death Magic (World of the Lupi, #8)

Death Magic (World of the Lupi, #8) - Eileen Wilks This was another exciting episode in the World of the Lupi series. Lily and Rule are in Washington, DC to testify before Congress. One of the senators who is extremely anti-magic is murdered and, when Lily investigates, she finds out he was killed with death magic. Also, it looks like it was her boss Ruben Brooks who killed him. It is obviously a frame-up but it is very well-constructed.Lily and Rule have to find out who is using the death magic. They also have to find a new home for the Wythe mantle which is being carried by Lily even though she is not lupi and can't use it. However, the mantle is doing bad things to Lily. While it is healing the arm muscles that were hurt in the previous book, it is also sending out tendrils into her brain and causing mini-strokes (which it is also healing). This causes major problems for Rule since he is the one who encouraged her to take the mantle. It is damaging his trust in the Lady that all the lupi have vowed to support. The lupi are the earthly weapon of the Lady who is an Old One and who is battling another Old One that the lupi call the Great Bitch. Neither can work directly in the human realm but both can find agents. The Lady has the lupi. Thus far they have been able to thwart the attempts of the Great Bitch's agents in their attempt to bring chaos to the human realm.Those who oppose the attempts of the Great Bitch have formed a secret unit. Lily's FBI boss is the leader, Rule is second in command. But when Lily is asked to join, she can't. Her image of herself is as a cop and she can't see herself operating without the bounds of the law. But when Lily is also framed for a crime and is in danger of losing her job, she knows that she has to become part of this secret unit to stop that agents of the Great Bitch and to get her life back.This story was exciting and entertaining. I highly recommend this series to lovers of urban fantasy. Lily is a wonderfully strong female character and Rule is a perfect romantic hero - strong, stubborn, supportive, and hotter than hot.