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Fate's Edge (Edge Series #3)

Fate's Edge (Edge Series #3) - This was a great adventure and love story. Audrey is a con artist and uses her magic to open any lock. But she is trying to go straight and live life as a private investigator in the Broken (which is what our ordinary world is called). But, when her father comes to her and asks her for one more job, Audrey is sucked back into a life she hated. Unfortunately, the job is for the wrong people and, all of a sudden both the Hand and the Mirror are after her and neither is too concerned with her health and well-being.Kaldar Mar is a con artist too. Only he works for the Mirror and is eager to get the missing object back and have his revenge on the Hand who was instrumental in killing two-thirds of his family and forcing them to flee their homes.When the two meet, fireworks happen. The by-play between them is wonderful. Neither is prepared to trust the other and both are wary. Audrey isn't going to fall in love with another con man. She has been surrounded by them all her life and knows that they can't give up the con. Kaldar is determined to have his revenge no matter who he has to use and what he has to do. For him, only his family matters. Everyone else is just some kind of mark. Until he meets Audrey.Also along on the adventure to recover the missing item are George and Jack who are the brothers-in-law of the Marshall of the Southern Lands and who are characters we met in previous books. George is fourteen and able to raise the dead. Jack is a twelve and a shifter who turns into a lynx. Audrey is determined to protect them even though they are both very competent and no strangers to danger.The story was action-packed and the romance was wonderful. I love the characters and dialog in these stories. They are all interesting people with depth. I really recommend reading the whole series because the world is well-drawn and the characters are engaging. While this story stands alone well, you would find a richer reading experience if you begin with On the Edge. I think the series will hook any fantasy reader who likes adventure and romance.