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Magic Gifts (Kate Daniels, #5.4)

Magic Gifts (Kate Daniels, #5.4) - Ilona Andrews This was a great short novel about a dinner date that leads to all sorts of mayhem and conflict. Curran wants to take Kate to a Korean restaurant for a date. Also at the restaurant are two drivers of vampires out for a romantic date. When the young man gives the young woman a necklace, it kills her causing the vampires to run amok. Curran and Kate make short work of them but their troubles aren't over.When the parents of the young woman who was choked by necklace come to the scene, the father reaches for the necklace only to have it snatched from him by his wife and clasped around her seven-year-old son's neck. Ghastek wants the necklace as compensation for the loss of his journeywoman and the vampires. Kate wants to protect the child and get the necklace off him. Kate and Curran win this one and start a search to find a way to remove the necklace and save the child that has them dealing with drunk vikings and an undead monster who loves human flesh.You would think that would be enough on Kate's agenda but the problem with the lack of leadership in the Mercenary Guild is also looming. The Pack owns 20% and the inability of the Guild to choose a leader has made Kate the one who must break the tie. She has been avoiding the issue but is forced to confront it here.This was a great story with all the romantic byplay between Kate and Curran that we have come to expect. Kate is her usual snarky and brilliant self. Curran is strong, sexy, supportive and more than willing to manipulate Kate for her own good. This story provides a nice fix as we wait for Andrea's story - Gunmetal Magic - which is coming in the summer of 2012.