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Timeless (Parasol Protectorate, #5)

Timeless (Parasol Protectorate, #5) - Gail Carriger What a wonderful adventure! I enjoyed this story very much and am sad to see the end of Alexia's adventures. This time Alexia has a wonderful assortment of problems to solve. She is dealing with her precocious toddler who just has to touch a supernatural to turn them human and assume their powers. She makes a cute little vampire and werewolf during the course of this story. She has to deal when Conall when he learns of Professor Lyall's machinations which made him Alpha of his werewolf pack and that Alexia knew and chose to keep it secret. She has to travel to Egypt to assist the Queen of the Alexandria Hive and learn more about the God-Breaker Plague too. Along the way we get to see Alexia in all her glory dealing with her best friend Ivy Tunstell and her dramatic troupe, dealing with Madame LeFoux, and dealing with the werewolves and vampires. I love the language in this story. The author has a unique and humorous turn of phrase that kept me chuckling as I read along. Another interesting part of the story related to Biffy, the vampire drone turned werewolf. It is great to see him getting more accustomed to his new life as a werewolf without losing any of the fashion sense that we have come to love about him. His potential new romance and his potential future were well-integrated into the story.This is a great historical paranormal romance with touches of steampunk and a hefty dose of Victorian manners and morals. It was a great story. I highly recommend this series to lovers of humor, historicals, paranormals, romances, or steampunk. It has something for everyone.