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Until Next Time (The Angel Chronicles, #1)

Until Next Time - Amy  Lignor I have to say that though this book was beautifully written I found it very confusing. I'm not sure that I really know what happened. I think that it bounces around in time which is what I found so confusing. Emily and Matt are human angels. They are raised and trained in heaven for some purpose. The are sent to Earth to do something. Most of this story deals with one life that Emily and Matt live. The focus is on Emily who is called Elizabeth in this life. She has a friend named Faith and the two girls meet Charles and Jason.Matt and Emily are supposed to be soulmates and partners but when they go to Earth they don't remember that. As Elizabeth, Emily falls in love with Jonas. Matt is Daniel in this life and is her friend.The main focus seems to be the relationship Elizabeth and Jonas have. They travel to Dublin where Charles and Jonas need to confront Charles' parents who are evil drug dealers and slavers. Jonas is the child of servants who are kept working for the Faires. He was abused by the mistress of the house, Charles' mother, and lost respect for his father because he thinks he knew and didn't help.The whole story has a sort of dreamy feel. I do think that I liked the scenes that took place in heaven the best. Emily and Matt are taught by some of the archangels who are sometimes very human seeming and funny. I liked when Emily turned St. Mark into a lizard. I liked that the saints kept coming up with phrases that are well-known and saying that they think they will catch on.This story will take a special kind of reader. It needs someone who can get lost in the prose and follow the complexity of the story. Unfortunately, I was not that reader.