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The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers Series #1)

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer - Kate Klimo, John Shroades This is a cute middle grade or upper elementary fantasy about two cousins who find a dragon in a geode. Jesse and Daisy are best friends and both are believers in magic. They have created their own magical museum in an abandoned barn that has become their playhouse. Daisy's dad is a geologist. On one trip with him, Jesse finds a geode that his uncle calls a thunder egg. What he doesn't mention right away is that the egg talks to him. After Uncle Joe is unsuccessful at cutting open the geode, Jesse stores it in his sock drawer.In just a little while the egg hatches and Jesse and Daisy are first met with the challenge of finding something the dragon they name Emerald but call Emmy can eat. I think kids will enjoy the one-sided food fight as the kids try to find something Emmy likes when she decides to spit out what she doesn't. Being modern kids they go to the internet and Google to learn more about the dragon. They find a website and get some tips at www.foundadragon.org.But there is a villain in the story too. Professor St. George, pronounced Sin George, is on the hunt for a dragon. He plans to raise it and drink its blood. The kids need to be creative to keep Emmy away from the evil scientist. This was a fun story that will appeal to middle grade and younger fantasy lovers. I recommend it.