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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1)

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1) - This isn't going to be my usual kind of review. If you follow blogs at all, you have seen many thoughtful and glowing reviews. I don't have much to add to that conversation. I certainly thought that the book was remarkable. It was well-written, had an exceptionally sympathetic main character, and had excellent world building. What I want to tell you is the kind of reader that I am going to be recommending this book too.If the reader loved The Hunger Games, they will also love the post-apocalyptic setting for this story. You see, there was a plague the wiped out most of the human population, many of the humans and animals were turned into Rabids (mindless, killing machines) and caused the vampires to comes out of hiding and take over. The humans that survived are living marginal lives and are constantly struggling to survive.If the reader loves vampires or even thinks they are a little tired of them, this book introduces vampires in a new light and features very villainous vampires and very heroic ones. Faced with the choice of dying or becoming something she hates, Allie chooses to become what she hates but then decides not to be a monster. Her mentor Kanin is one of the heroic vampires or, at least, not a villainous one. He teaches her what she needs to know to survive her new life.If the reader loves adventure, they will love Allie's journey as she looks for a place she belongs and travels through the wilderness outside the city where she was born. If the reader loves star-crossed romance, they will love the relationship between Zeke and Allie. There doesn't seem to be a happy ending for a girl who is a monster and a boy who was taught to hate and destroy them.If a reader likes to ponder the big questions, this is the book for them. Allie struggles with what it means to be a human in her world. She sees examples of extreme cruelty and extreme kindness and has to forge her own set of values. I know that I will be recommending this story to anyone who will listen to my pitch about it. I think that any sort of reader will find something to love and something to think about within these pages.