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Sweet Spot - Kate Angell This was a nice sports romance. Pro baseball player and trust fund baby James "Law" Lawless meets Catherine May when he is checking out a popular local club. He is dressed as Captain America; she is dressed as Wonder Woman. They hook up on the dance floor but then Cat runs leaving her lasso of truth behind. Law is fascinated and determined to locate her again.The next day he meets Cat when he visits a financial adviser and she is the rising star of the firm. She helps him scout out businesses that are part of a charity initiative that he has. She is also determined not to let him know that she was the mysterious Wonder Woman that he is looking for.They do get to know each other as they work together. Law is attracted to her but isn't looking for any sort of commitment. He is also still looking for his mysterious Wonder Woman. Also, Law doesn't have relationships. He lost interest in them when his parents, friends and grandmother were killed in a car accident when the group was coming home from celebrating his eighth birthday. He was raised by his grandfather and they have a very close relationship.Cat is very different. She comes from a huge, close family that has never had any extra money.The romantic tension is high in this one and the intimate scenes are hot. My main problem with this one was the romance that just seemed to be thrown in between Brody, another baseball player, and his hometown sweetheart Mary. It just felt like it was thrown in as an afterthought and way to tie up loose ends from earlier books in the series. I did like the fact that both Cat and Law had dogs who were characters in their own rite. Bouncer, Law's dog, was a boxer who was a rescue dog. We get a chance to see Law bonding with something in his relationship with his dog. Cat's dog is a rambunctious pup named Foxy who has a habit of biting people and not letting go until they say "I'm yours."This one wasn't very memorable but was a good way to spend a couple of hours.