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Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #21)

Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #21) - While this novel covered a very brief span of time, it was packed with the issues that we have come to expect in an Anita Blake novel. While Anita has been accepted by her police squad and respected by the SWAT teams she works with, she still has to face the disapproval of some the higher ups who feel that her personal life will affect her working life. She is still having problems with one of the women she works with who is jealous about all the hot men who are Anita's lovers.This case with the kidnapped girl brings in vampire politics as the kidnappers are vampires who want to live without a master. We get to see Anita as the very scary vampire executioner who brings terror to all the bad little vampires and even those who just have guilty consciences. This violence was quite graphic and not for those with a weak stomach.At home, Anita is dealing with problems with her youngest lover because she is hung up on his youth and the age difference between them. The problems with Asher's jealousy also come to a head in this story resulting in Jean Claude sending him away to another city for a while. Whether or not he comes back is left undecided in this one. Anita also seems to be deciding that she just can't keep adding new men to her list of lovers. She is realizing that her heart isn't big enough to incorporate all of them. As she tells one of the new Marshals, her dance card is full. There are a number of graphic sex scenes in this one. This story isn't for those who are sensitive to romances with multiple partners and kinky variations as that seems to be a constant in Anita's life now. This book is for devoted fans of the series who want to keep up with Anita's latest adventures. Readers who are fans of Richard or Edward will be disappointed as neither makes an appearance here. Actually Jean Claude's role is small in this one too. Anita spends most of the time with her wereanimals or with her police colleagues. The story was a quick read for me but I don't think it will be one that I will re-read.