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The Lost Code (The Atlanteans Series)

The Lost Code (The Atlanteans Series) - This story starts with a bang. We first see our main character Owen when he is drowning while taking part in a swimming test at Camp Eden inside the EdenWest biodome. Owen is new at camp. He usually lives with his father near what was Yellowstone. The Earth is in great danger. The ozone level is rising, the polar ice is melting. Humanity has been reduced by 60%. Survivors have moved north of the 60th parallel or live in assorted domes that have been built near ancient marvels. But what is the Eden Corporation trying to do? Why did they build their domes where they did? What are they doing to the kids at the camps? Once Owen is rescued he finds that he has developed gills. And he is not alone. Several other campers also have them. The kids are keeping this a secret from the people who run the camp.I found this a hard story to get into for a couple of reasons. First of all, the first section was a slow read because of the large amount of information that was given about the ecological situation and the political situation. Also, I got bogged down in the bullying that was going on in the camp. Second, I found Owen so self-effacing and self-deprecating that I could not get a good read on him. I didn't find him engaging. It takes more than half the book for him to decide to stop letting everyone push him around and keep him around. I like characters who are active rather than passive and, so, found Owen very frustrating.The second half of the story was much more action packed as Owen and Lilly have to find a way to elude Paul and the guards.This section was filled with excitement and adventures. The kids make discoveries both modern and ancient.Readers who want to read another dystopia may well enjoy this one. The ending begs for the second book in the trilogy as the big problems are still awaiting a solution and our characters are still in a great deal of danger.