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Animal Attraction (Animal Magnetism Series #2)

Animal Attraction - Jill Shalvis This was another great romance by Shalvis. I liked the attraction between the two main characters and understood why they were conflicted. Jade had made a promise that she would return home. She has put it off a number of times because she still isn't over the trauma that sent her running to Sunshine, Idaho in the first place. She was attacked at her family's medical center and felt that she didn't do anything to save herself. Her family had always told her that she was strong but this incident destroyed her confidence in herself. She has been rebuilding her confidence in Sunshine with the help of Dell and the other characters. Dell was great with animals and had an intuitive feel for what they needed but he was very careful with his heart. As many of the characters said, Dell has abandonment issues. First his mother walked out, then his father died, then a beloved foster parent dies. That is enough to make anyone careful! But he sees that Jade needs her confidence boosted and can't help but care for her. He doesn't want to risk his heart because she has said again and again that her stay in Sunshine is a temporary one.But the romance can't be denied. When Dell offers Jade self-defense lessons, they begin to get closer. They go into the relationship thinking it will be short term. In fact, they are both deluding themselves that they can be together for a while and then part. This self-delusion is really apparent to the other characters in the story and to us as readers. I really liked the cute animal characters in this story too. Jade adopts a wary stray kitten that she names Beans. The vet office has a parrot named Peanut who won't say "Peanut wants a cracker" even though Jade tries to convince it to do so. However it quickly picks up "boner" and a few other embarrassing phrases. Dell also has a large lovable dog named Gertie who spends time at the office too.This was a fun, sweet and sexy romance filled with likable characters. It is a great story if you are looking for a feel-good romance.