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Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels World #1)

Gunmetal Magic -  Ilona Andrews This is another powerful entry into Andrews' Kate Daniels' World. Andrea has been a side character for a while. She is Kate's best friend. After being kicked out of the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid after being outed as a shapeshifter, Andrea is at loose ends. She isworking with Kate at Cutting Edge and trying to figure out what she wants from life. Andrea was raised in a bouda group - werehyenas - but she is beastkin - her father was a hyena turned human. Beastkin are despised by most shifters who were human first and then animal. Her bouda group systematically abused her and her mother until her mother finally found the courage to run away. Andrea has spent years denying her werehyena side. Now she has to come to terms with it. She is also on the outs with her werehyena boyfriend Raphael who can't understand why Andrea would be reluctant to swear allegiance to his mother and join another bouda pack. He hurts her very badly when he seems to have taken up with a beautiful but brainless human and flaunts her in front of Andrea.Besides this personal turmoil, Andrea has a case to investigate which involves huge venomous snake shifters and ancient Egytian gods. There is a lot of adventure and excitement as she and Raphael need to work together to prevent the world from falling into chaos.Andrea is as strong and as kickass as Kate Daniels. She makes a great lead character. Her bad childhood and determination to make her own decisions and choose her own path make her a character we can really care about. Cameos from favorite characters from the Kate Daniel's series add to the richness of this story. Fans of urban fantasy with really kickass heroines will not want to miss this story.