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Bloodrose (Nightshade Series #3)

Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer BLOODROSE has been sitting on my shelf for a while. I didn't want the series to end and, so, I was putting off reading it. I put it off long enough that I had to play catch-up figuring out which characters were wolves and which were Searchers. It didn't take long before I was up to speed and very involved again in the struggle to defeat the Keepers and the evil Bosque Mar.When the story begins, Calla is rescuing Ren and urging him to join with her wolves and the Searchers in the upcoming fight. Ren has always seen his Calla as his future mate and is eager to join. He is still coming to terms with the new things he is learning about his family. He has always hated his father Emile and knew that his father hated him too. He begins to understand it when he learns that his real father was a Searcher and that his mother was killed in an attempted revolt against the Keepers. He is also surprised that he has a sister among the Keepers - Adne. Having Ren join the fight causes problems for Calla though. Now she has to juggle her relationships with Ren and Shay. She loves both of them but in different ways. She grew up thinking that Ren would be her mate but meeting Shay caused her to look at her future in a new way. She feels especially guilty when Ren tells her that he loves her and can't imagine living without her. She has to keep the two boys from each other's throat and balance things without making a decision.The main focus of this story is protecting Shay as he gathers the pieces of the Elemental Cross which is needed to banish Bosque Mar from this world and seal the Rift that will keep him out. They travel to mountains in Switzerland, a cenote in the Yucatan, and a volcano in New Zealand to gather the pieces. They have to fight their way through Guardians under control of the Keepers at all the sites. Once they have all the pieces the real battle can begin in Colorado. All of the characters are tested to the limit and there are losses and recoveries. The book was filled with excitement, battles, and tough decisions. I really enjoyed this story and thought that the conclusion was perfect for this trilogy.