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Glory in Death (In Death Series #2)

Glory in Death (In Death Series #2) - This second book in the In Death series, has Eve and Roarke going through some adjustment difficulties in their new relationship. Eve is afraid to commit, afraid to totally give her heart to Roarke. Roarke has his own insecurities but he is less afraid. Eve is still reluctant to live with Roarke and goes back to her crummy apartment whenever he leaves town for work of his own. The mystery in this one begins with the death of one of Eve's colleagues - Prosecutor Cecily Towers. She is a close family friend of Commander Whitney which adds more pressure to the investigation. Pressure that just keeps building when it looks like her son and Whitney's godson might be the perpetrator. This story also sees the beginning of Eve's friendship with Nadine Furst. It also shows the continuing conflict with Roarke's butler Somerset.We see more of Eve's nightmares about the part of her childhood that she has repressed and we see a deepening relationship with Dr. Mira who shares a similar background in the hope that Eve will talk to her. More bits about the abuse that Eve suffered as a child are starting to surface. This is a re-read for me. I thought it was time to revisit some of the earlier books in this series before the newest one comes out in September.