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The Lost Night

The Lost Night - Jayne Castle I am a huge fan of Jayne Ann Krentz no matter what name she uses when she writes. I love her characters and the crisp dialog. This book was no exception. Rachel Blake is a young woman with a strong and unusual psychic talent who was raised in the Harmony equivalent of a hippie commune. She never fit in and leaves to find her place in the world. After an unsuccessful attempt to live in the larger world which leaves her facing the unwanted attentions of a psychic vampire, she travels to Rainshadow Island which is a the sort of place that welcomes those who don't fit in elsewhere.Rainshadow Island is the property of the Sebastian family and is also the site of a large Preserve that was set up by the aliens who first settled Harmony but who have disappeared leaving behind various ruins and gadgets. Not many humans can get through the psychic barrier that guards the Preserve and those who can often get lost inside forever. Rachel is one of the few who got in and managed to get out again. Unfortunately, she lost her memory about how she did it and what she did inside. Harry Sebastain comes to Rainshadow Island because the Preserve seems to be sending out something that is disturbing the psychic balance of the island. He is also coming to check on a treasure that was hidden in the Preserve by his great-grandfather. Harry also has an unusual psychic talent. His talent managed to scare away his wife and cause them to divorce. Divorce is a major social stigma on Harmony which values a strong, stable family unit above almost everything else. Rachel and Harry meet and fall in love. She isn't the least bit afraid of him. In fact, her psychic ability meshes with his perfectly. But before they can live happily ever after, she and Harry have to find his great-grandfather's treasure, find out what is destabilizing the Preserve, and protect her from the psychic stalker who is obsessed with her. One of the fun parts of the Harmony series is the inclusion of a special kind of pet - dust bunnies. Rachel's dust bunny Darwina is a fine example of the species. Dust bunnies are cute and fluffy until there is danger. Once there is a dangerous situation they develop into very dangerous creatures. Darwina is obsessed with Rachel's childhood toy Amberella which is the Harmony equivalent of the Barbie doll. She is also a big fan of Rachel's cookies. I like the way Rachel talks to her as if she could understand every word. And, who knows, maybe dust bunnies can. They certainly form psychic connections with their chosen people. This was a fun romance in a nicely drawn world.