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Dead Spots - Melissa F. Olson If you are looking for a different kind of paranormal, DEAD SPOTS is for you. Our heroine Scarlett Bernard is a Null. When she gets withing ten feet of any paranormal creature, either vampire or werewolf, they turn human. She is very rare. She only knows of six other Nulls in the world.Scarlett works cleaning up crimes committed by supernaturals. But one day she is called to the most gruesome crime she has ever seen. Someone has tortured and killed three vampires. The head of the Los Angeles vampires Dashiell needs someone to blame for the crime in order to keep his standing in the community. He picks Scarlett because only a Null could have made it possible for the vampires to be killed. He gives her a deadline to find the real criminal or he will execute her for the crime.Luckily, Scarlett doesn't have to work alone. A newly minted detective named Jesse Cruz sees her at the crime scene and tracks her down. Because he finds out about the Old World, he is also scheduled to die if they can't find the true criminal. And Scarlett has the assistance of Eli who is a werewolf. Eli likes hanging around with Scarlett because he hates being a werewolf and Scarlett makes him human. Scarlett isn't so sure she likes being used and she is very good at avoiding any sort of emotional connection to people.The three of them have to follow a lot of clues, deal with a variety of supernaturals, and find the criminal before Scarlett's time runs out. The story was well-paced. Scarlett was an interesting person who is dealing with a lot of past trauma but who has a sort of courage that she defines as stubbornness. Scarlett also grew a lot during this story as she began to overcome the trauma that kept her from connecting with other people.Fans of paranormals will enjoy this suspenseful and entertaining story.