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The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa Julie Kagawa has done it again. She has swept me into the world of the fey. This time Ethan Chase is my tour guide. Ethan hates the fey. Ever since he was kidnapped to lure his sister Meghan into the Nevernever, Ethan has been wary of the fae. And they seem to delight in tormenting him.As the story begins, Ethan is starting at a new school. He has quite a reputation following him. He was expelled from his last school supposedly for setting fire to the library. Only he could see the redcap motley that set the fire to force him out of the room. Now he just wants to remain inconspicuous and finish out his junior year.Almost the first person he meets turns out to be a half-breed named Todd. He rescues him from the bullying of one of the star football players and finds himself in the principal's office. So much for inconspicuous! Then he meets a cute and popular girl named Kenzie who is a reporter for the school newspaper and who is determined to interview him no matter how rude he is to her. Ethan doesn't want to get close to anyone for fear of making them a target of the fey's mischief. But neither Todd nor Kenzie are easily discouraged. When Todd gets in trouble with some fey that Ethan doesn't recognize and then when he disappears, Ethan has to do something. Ethan and Kenzie find themselves in the Nevernever as they try to find a way to rescue Todd and let the Summer, Winter, and Iron courts know about this new type of faerie who is kidnapping half-breeds and killing all the exiled fey. Along the way we meet a lot of characters from the earlier series including Grimalkin, Meghan, Ash, Puck and the Leanansidhe. It is interesting to see them through Ethan's very hostile eyes.This story was both an exciting adventure and a lovely romance as Kenzie finds her way to Ethan's very guarded heart. Fans of the Iron Fey will not want to miss this latest episode.