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Running Wild: The Men from Battle Ridge

Running Wild - Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones Carlin is on the run. After two dates with a guy named Brad, he developed an obsession with her - sneaking into her apartment, following her, making harassing phone calls. When she reported him, she was blown off. He was a local boy and a cop and had made sure no one saw the two of them together. First Carlin runs to Dallas. However, Brad followed her and killed a woman he thought was her because she had lent her friend her raincoat. Now Carlin in trying to live off the grid. She is travelling from town to town to try to get away from Brad. She comes into a small Wyoming town only intending to stop for something to eat and then to move on but she finds a job and and friend Kat. Kat has a cousin who is a rancher who needs a housekeeper but hasn't been able to find one.Carlin thinks Zeke is hot but also really grumpy. She is torn between taking the job and moving on. She decides that an isolated ranch wouldn't be a bad spot to be for the winter. Zeke will pay her in cash and let her build up a nest egg for the next time she has to run. Both are convinced that the job is just temporary and neither one is looking for a relationship. However, as they get to know each other, they come to love each other. But it isn't until the truck she is riding in almost slides off the edge of a mountain in an ice storm the Carlin decides to begin a physical relationship with Zeke. The love scenes are hot and it is easy to see that they are falling in love with each other. But the stalker hasn't forgotten about Carlin.This one has danger, romance and hot cowboys along with a seriously creepy stalker. Fans of romantic suspense will love it.