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Can't Help Falling In Love: The Sullivans, Book 3 (Contemporary Romance)

Can't Help Falling In Love - Bella Andre Gabe and Megan have a great romance that almost foundered on "irreconcilable differences" before it had a chance to get started. They meet when Gabe, a firefighter, pulls Megan and her seven-year-old daughter Summer from the bathtub of their burning apartment. He rescues them but then gets hurt himself when a beam falls on him. When Megan goes to the hospital to say thanks, she is met with a very cold shoulder from Gabe.Gabe is struck by how lovely Megan is but he is also a victim of his past. He dated a woman he had rescued who had turned clingy and needy and who tried to commit suicide when they broke up. He doesn't trust that the woman won't be just a victim of hero worship. Megan is ready to walk away after saying her thanks even though she thinks Gabe is brave and handsome. But Summer isn't ready to give up. Summer encourages her mother to bring muffins to the fire house as an additional thank you. Gabe shows Summer all around which only encourages her hero worship. It is there that Megan meets an old college friend who just happens to be Gabe's sister Sophie. Circumstances (and some sneaky behavior from Summer) just keep throwing the two of them together.Megan isn't look for a man who has a dangerous job. After all, her husband David was a Navy fighter pilot who died in an plane crash when Summer was two. Megan has become a real big fan of safety and guys who work in nice, safe office jobs. Neither one of them is able to resist the other, however. Gabe and Megan are both so right for each other. She isn't clingy and has a deep strength of her own. Gabe doesn't take foolish risks and is a caring and competent man. The attraction between them is impossible for either of them to resist. The love scenes are spicy and filled with emotion. I liked the strong, caring relationship between Gabe and Megan. I liked seeing the Sullivan family interacting. It was good to see Chase and Chloe, Marcus and Nicola, and all the other unattached Sullivans again. I can't wait to keep reading. Sophie's story is next.