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Lycan Unleashed: A Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency Novel (Entangled Ever After)

Lycan Unleashed: A Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency Novel (Entangled Ever After) - Tiffany Allee Tiffany Allee has created an interesting world and populated it with an intriguing variety of supernaturals. Police Detective Astrid Holmes is a human sensitive. She can sense energy and know what sort of otherworlder it is. If they are strong enough, she can even identify individuals. She doesn't get out in the field much because that is her only talent and a 4' 11" mostly human detective doesn't stand up well against most otherworlders who are stronger than she is. She is called to a case in a floating casino owned by the Magister—the most powerful vampire—of Chicago. There she finds a relatively young vampire has been murdered and staked to the wall in a high stakes poker room. Astrid discovers a magical coin under a table. She wants to touch it to see if she can learn who it might belong to. However, the OWEA is taking the case away from the Chicago police.Agent Mason Sanderson has been given the case. He is a Lycan who used to be with the Chicago police but transferred to the Other Worlder Enforcement Agency. Before he left the department, he and Astrid shared a pretty hot kiss. Now that they are working together, the attraction is beginning again. Mason and Astrid have to sort through vampire rivalries, vampire assassins and vampire politics before they manage to solve the case.They also have to sort through their own relationship and family difficulties. I really liked both Mason and Astrid and was rooting for them to solve the crime and find a way to live happily ever after. Now, I want to read the other two books in the Other Worlder Enforcement Agency series. Luckily, Succubus Lost and Banshee Charmer are waiting for me on my Kindle.