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Released - Amber Polo I often found myself chuckling at all of the library in-jokes that filled the story of dog shapeshifter librarians and book-burning werewolves. Liberty is the Head Librarian at the Shipsfeather Public Library. She loves her job but has to deal with a book-hating former head librarian and a mayor who denies all of her requests for funding. The frustrations of her job have made her consider submitting her resignation. But when her beautiful old Carnegie library burns down, she gets the chance to move the public library to the abandoned Shipsfeather Academy building. She finds more than she ever imagined in that building. It hides an ancient group of dog shifting librarians who have been cursed by the werewolves who have taken over the town. Liberty makes friends with an Old English Sheepdog who starts to visit her in her new library. She later learns that, in his human form, he is the Headmaster of the Shipsfeather Academy. They fall in love but it takes teamwork between the human librarians and the shapeshifting librarians to solve the mystery that keeps them confined within the Academy's subterranean floors.The characters were over-the-top but very entertaining. The former librarian who is the book-burning head of the local werewolf pack is incredibly evil. She has gathered a small horde of human groupies to carry out her evil plans since the curse that keeps the dog shifters inside the academy keeps the werewolves out. One of the funnier scenes has one of the groupies getting stuck in the book drop when she is trying to steal all the dog books from the new library.I enjoyed this light urban fantasy novel and think that it will appeal to both library lovers and dog lovers.