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Poison - Bridget Zinn I really enjoyed POISON. I loved Kyra and thought she made a great heroine. She is currently on the run after attempting to murder her best friend Princess Ariana. Kyra has been Ariana best friends since they were twelve and she was brought in to be the princess's friend. Kyra is a potion master&mdas;skilled at making all sorts of chemical potions like truth serums and glamours and poisons. She also has the ability to be a witch, in fact, a seer, but she hates that part of herself and doesn't want anything to do with it. However, that doesn't stop the visions. Including the vision of her best friend Ariana destroying the kingdom.Now Kyra is on the run from the palace army and her old partner and fellow potion maker Hal. She needs to find the princess and complete her mission. She goes to the King of Criminals for assistance and he gives her a pig with the ability to track anyone down. Soon Kyra is wandering the country with her (very cute and cuddly) pig and searching for the princess. Along the way she runs into Fred. Fred introduces himself as a traveler, exploring the countryside. He and his wolfhound Langley befriend Kyra. No matter how hard she tries to elude him, he keeps reappearing at opportune moments. He is the one who names the pig Rosie. Together she and Fred deal with goblins and witches and other dangers too. And Kyra begins to fall in love with him. But Fred has a secret that could ruin all her hopes.This story has lots of surprises before we get to the happy ending. Fans of intrepid heroines and high fantasy will really enjoy this entertaining story.