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Hysteria - Megan Miranda HYSTERIA was an engaging, psychological thriller. The main character, who tells the story in her own words, is Mallory Murphy. I thought that she was in shock when I first began reading the book. She seems haunted by an event that we see in flashbacks and memories. Somehow she killed the boy she was dating though she wasn't charged since the boy had broken into her home. Her parents and her lawyer convinced the police that it was self-defense. She has been convicted in the court of public opinion though and is being stalked by the boy's mother. Her parents decide to send her to the boarding school her father attended but the rumors have gotten there ahead of her and the mean girls are out in force. Luckily, she does have one possible friend there. Reid Carlson is the son of her dad's college roommate. The last time she saw Reid was when her family attended his dad's funeral which wasn't exactly the best time to start a relationship with anyone. This book was compulsively readable. I had to keep going to find out if all of her problems were psychological or if they were real. I was scared right along with Mallory as the weird things kept happening to her and around her. I was so glad that she had the courage to overcome and the brains to figure out what was happening. I was a little bit disturbed about the role her parents played in this book. I couldn't understand why Mallory wasn't seeing someone to talk about the trauma she had faced. I felt, as Mallory did, that they were just getting her out of the way by sending her to boarding school. I was glad to get their side of the story later in the book.I recommend this story to young adult readers who like mysteries and who like to feel like they are living the story with the main character.