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Sketchy (The Bea Catcher Chronicles)

Sketchy - Olivia Samms SKETCHY was an interesting start to a new mystery series. Bea Washington, just out of rehab and starting her senior year at a new school, is a great character. She is an artist who loves vintage clothing. Since she has been clean, she has developed a new talent that unnerves her; she can sometimes look at a person and draw things they have seen. There is a rapist-murderer who has claimed two young women as victims. When Bea meets Willa, who had escaped from the rapist without being killed, she sees an image of the rapist in Willa's mind. But Willa claims that she doesn't remember what her attacker looked like. It doesn't take Bea long to realize that Willa is hiding a dark secret behind her cheerleader, school star, and future ivy league persona; she is as much an addict as Bea is. Bea is also feeling guilty because she believes that she heard the first victim calling for help but was too messed up on drugs to help her. So Bea begins her investigation while trying to regain her parents' trust and while fighting the urge to use drugs again. She is assisted by a friend she met at art school. Chris is a gay photographer who tries to tell her the rules about her new school. Bea gets even more determined to find the rapist when her best friend from her former school, the girl who introduced her to drugs in middle school, becomes the killer's next victim. When she goes to the police, she meets Sergeant Dan Daniels who is skeptical at first about Bea's talent but comes to believe her when she draws a picture of his son out of his memory. The two form a connection even though he doesn't want her to get involved because of the danger.I look forward to reading more books about Bea and her unusual talent.