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Headed for Trouble - Suzanne Brockmann HEADED FOR TROUBLE was a great opportunity to visit again with old friend like Sam, Alyssa and Jules. It was also a chance to find out more about newer friends like Arlene and Jack. I enjoyed all the stories and loved the sense of love and patriotism that permeates all of Ms. Brockmann's writing. Whether dealing with terrorists beneath an American military base in Germany or trying to get out of a marginally friendly foreign country under terrorist attack with three adults and three babies all suffering from stomach flu, the adventure and love is strong. I even liked the parts where Ms. Brockmann inserts herself into her own story and converses with her characters. I can understand their trepidation as she turns her eagle on a secondary characters because her stated goal is to "make them really suffer because the best stories deal with characters who must face their personal vulnerabilities."Fans of military romantic suspense and, and especially fans of the Troubleshooters, Inc. series, won't want to miss these additional glimpses into the characters' lives.