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To Wed in Scandal (A Scandal in London Novel)

To Wed in Scandal (A Scandal in London Novel) - Liana LeFey Lady Sabrina Grayson has come to London for her debut with a plan. She watched her mother's heart break again and again as her father took mistress after mistress. Sabrina is determined to choose a husband that she will never love. Falling in love would be her sure path to heartbreak.Henry, Viscount Montgomery, is the man who is determined to change her mind. He has known her since she was a child when she played many pranks on him to discourage him from courting her sister. She didn't know that he was just being polite and had no interest in the sister. Now that ten years have passed, they both look at each other differently.Henry wants to court her but she is nothing if not stubborn. Sabrina's stubbornness leads to encouraging a young Lord Chadwick who obliging falls in love with her. Her sights are set on Lord Francis Fairford who, already having a mistress, fits her criteria. However, his kisses leave her cold and disgusted. Henry also learns things about him that make him determined that Sabrina will never marry him. Sabrina also starts a relationship with Lord Percy Falloure who has a reputation as a man about town. She doesn't know that he is Henry's friend. Sabrina accepts Percy's proposal of marriage since she is determined to follow her plan. Percy realizes that she and Henry and in love and breaks the engagement. In a panic and afraid to trust her heart to Henry, she elopes with Lord Fairford sending Henry on a chase to rescue her before she marries.I got a little irritated with Sabrina's blind determination to follow her life plan no matter who it hurt. She almost managed to mess up her life beyond repair. Liana LeFey made me care about her and about Henry and made me want the best for them. Now we just need to find a happy ending for Percy Falloure...