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The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa Read The Immortal Rules first because this one begins right after that story ends. Allie is on the trail of her mentor Kanin who is being held hostage and tortured by insane vampire Sarren. Luckily, vampires have a blood tie with their blood kin which lets Allie track him. Unfortunately, she first stumbles upon Jackal who was also turned by Kanin. The problems between the two were well documented in The Immortal Rules. While they decide that the need to work together, they have different goals. Jackal wants a cure for rabidism and Allie wants to rescue Kanin. And Allie can not and should not trust Jackal.There search leads them back to New Covington where Sarren has unleashed a version of the plague that is responsible for the world as it is. The humans outside of the vampire protected zone have been infected and are dying.Allie also runs into Zeke again. She had left him in Eden and thought she would never see the human boy she loved again. He has come looking for her. Of course he wants to kill Jackal since Jackal killed a number of the people that Zeke was trying to get safely to Eden. Allie finds herself torn between Zeke and Jackal but is still convinced that she needs Jackal to help rescue Kanin. She convinces Zeke and Jackal to work together--temporarily.When they find and rescue Kanin, there troubles are far from over. After all, the vampire prince of New Covington doesn't like Kanin much more than Sarren does.This story was exciting and hard to put down. I love Allie's struggle to be the kind of monster she wants to be and not the mindless monster she could be. I loved the romance between Zeke and Allie too. I can't wait to read what happens next.