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Crossfire (Darkride Chronicles, #2)

Crossfire (Darkride Chronicles, #2) - Laura Bradley Rede CROSSFIRE is the sequel to DARKRIDE and begins shortly after the first book ends. We begin with six young people in a van—three vampires, two werewolves, and a human thrall—who are running from both vampires and Hunters who want to kill them. They are on their way to Brave Boat Harbor, Maine and Naomi Faire who might be able to help them. I'll admit that i was a little confused at the beginning of the story. It has been a long time since I read DARKRIDE but when they arrived in Maine they had to explain themselves to Naomi which caught me up nicely on the events of the previous book. It was an infodump that was integrated well in this story. The six are an interesting assortment of characters, each with their own unique agenda. *Cicely is a new vampire—an enluzante—and has a number of things to get used to, i.e. no reflection in mirrors, horror of crosses, unable to enter a home without an invitation, and an inability to be in sunlight. She became a vampire to save the boy she loves, Ander, who is a werewolf and a former Hunter. *Ander has gotten control of himself as a werewolf because he is now the alpha of his small pack. Before he became alpha he couldn't control his wolf and was always afraid that he would hurt Cicely. *D.J., Ander's younger brother, is a Hunter who was made a werewolf because that would make him a better Hunter, He hates vampires and resents his brother who controls him and who loves a vampire.*Five is another enluzante who had escaped from the Hunter compound previously. She is a psychic and quite a mysterious character.*Luke is an immortal vampire under a curse. He wanted to make Cecily fall in love with him before he killed her in order to break the curse but fell in love with her instead, Now he and Ander are competing for her attention.*Emmie is a human thrall who loves being a source of blood for vampires. She is the daughter of a vampire and a thrall. She is quite a character. She brings real world smarts, a sunny nature, and optimism to the group.When they arrive in Maine, they discover that the Naomi Faire they have been sent to find is dead and her granddaughter of the same name, while a witch, doesn't have the powers they need. Naomi lets them stay to rest and heal. Naomi adds to the romantic triangles (quadrangles, pentagrams) that fill this story when she seems to be developing a special relationship with Ander since her main witchly talent is controlling animals.The story was well-written, engaging, and exciting. The characters, especially Cecily, Ander, Luke, and Emmy, were people the reader could care about. While the ending leaves most characters in a happy place, there are enough threads unwoven to provide room for further adventures. I enjoyed this story and think many young adults will too.