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Twice Tempted (Night Prince Series #2)

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost This action-packed and emotion-packed Night Prince novel has Leila and Vlad working on their relationship while an old girlfriend in trying to sabotage it. When Vlad offers to make her a vampire and a member of his line instead of proposing, Leila is so hurt that she is determined to leave him. He lets her go leaving her even more heart-broken and confirming for her that the relationship isn't going anywhere.She runs back to her friend Marty and the carnie life only to learn that he has taken on a new assistant. Following on the heels of that discovery, someone plants a bomb the destroys Marty's trailer and a lot of the surrounding landscape too. Leila survives because she is still fireproof which was a consequence of her relationship with Vlad. She believes Marty is dead and is determined to avenge his death. Only Maximus, one of Vlad's close companions, suggests that the explosion might have been caused by Vlad to punish her because she left him. Maximus does have an ulterior motive -- he wants Leila as his lover. But his suggestion is enough to give Leila doubts.When Maximus is shot with liquid silver and both are kidnapped by vampires who have been hired to deliver Leila to someone unknown, Vlad manages to track her down and return her to his home. Her attempts to protect Maximus and track down the perpetrator of the bombing and her kidnapping causes her to overuse her powers and almost die. Vlad's determination to save her gives her a better idea of how much he wants her in his life. They marry and then the adjustment period begins between Vlad who wants to protect Leila at all costs and Leila who wants to protect Vlad and be his equal partner.When Leila's further investigations kill her, Vlad is there to bring her back as a vampire so that they can be together forever. And, together, they overcome this villain only to find out that she was not acting alone...I can't wait to find out what happens next both in Vlad and Leila's relationship and in their determination to finally end Vlad's ancient enemy. This story was great urban fantasy and a great romance too.