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Cuts Through Bone: A Mystery - Alaric Hunt Alaric Hunt channels Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler in this mystery that is reminiscent of the hard-boiled detective stories of the 1930s and 40s. However, Hunt does bring the mystery up to the present by adding computers, cell phones and a young female Puerto Rican assistant to our hard-boiled detective.Raquel Vasquez is new to the detective business. All she has done so far is learn to shoot and learn to observe. Surveillance isn't holding her attention though. When her boss Clayton Guthrie gets a new case, things start to look up.Guthrie is hired by one of New York's Old Money types to find out who killed his niece. Another niece is convinced that it wasn't her boyfriend Greg Olsen even though the police have arrested him. Guthrie and Vasquez begins a hunt that takes them among the homeless in New York City, involves the Russian mob, and has roots in the war in Afghanistan. I liked Raquel as a character and empathized with her struggles to be her own person while not disappointing her loving parents. I disliked that Hunt continually described her as Puerto Rican as though nothing else about her mattered as much. I liked the colorful descriptions including "grilled her like a sandwich" but disliked the amount of description because I felt that it slowed the pace of the story and was sometimes inappropriately placed (like in the middle of a conversation).I thought Hunt captured the grittiness of a hunt for a murderer, and the tedium of an investigation that required hours of following leads that may or may not pan out, well. I thought that the many threads that Guthrie and Vasquez discovered added to the richness of the story even though some of the threads were left hanging at the end. Fans of the hard-boiled detective stories of the 30s and 40s would be a good audience for this title.