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Bloodlines the Indigo Spell (Bloodlines (Mead - Hardcover))

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead The third book in the Bloodlines series is packed with all the danger, intrigue, magic and romance that have made this series such a hit with me. When the story begins, Sydney is in denial about her relationship with Adrian. After all, Moroi and Alchemists are not supposed to fall in love. In fact, most Alchemists really, really dislike all Moroi even while their mission is to keep the Moroi hidden from the normal human society. But Sydney's denial is causing emotional pain for all of them and for Jill who is linked to Adrian because he brought her back to life. Sydney's romance is not the only one in this story. Jill loves Eddy who likes her back but is dating Angeline because his duty is to guard Jill, not to love her. And Angeline is falling in love with Trey who is her math tutor and a former member of the Warriors who want all vampires—Strigoi and Moroi—dead. He didn't leave the Warriors by choice and would go back to them in a heartbeat if they would let him. Sydney is also learning more magic from her teacher Ms. Terwilliger and is much less reluctant to use it. Since someone is finding young magic users and draining their magic, youth, and beauty from them, Sydney's new dedication to magic could save her life. Ms. Terwilliger is afraid that it is her older sister who is doing the draining. Sydney is also coming to believe that the Alchemists are not the organization she thought they were. They are keeping secrets from her and, when she meets Marcus Finch--the former Alchemist that the Alchemist says doesn't exist, her doubts gain momentum. Sydney is torn so many ways in this story. Her relationship with Adrian defies logic and everything she has learned as an Alchemist. Her use of magic is against Alchemist beliefs. Her loyalty to the Alchemists is crumbling with each new thing she learns. I can't wait to read what happens in The Fiery Heart which will be released in November.