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The Last Girl (Maeve Kerrigan Series #3)

The Last Girl - Jane Casey Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan and her partner Detective Inspector Josh Derwent are called to a double murder and find that the victims are the wife and daughter of defense attorney Philip Kennford. Kennford is well known to both of them and not at all well-liked. He is rather famous for getting his clients off whether or not they are guilty. Philip and Lydia, his other daughter, are both horrible witnesses. Derwent and Maeve are convinced that they are both keeping secrets.Maeve and Derwent soon find themselves investigating dissatisfied clients with grudges and some of the many women that Kennford has slept with and abandoned. We are looking at an abundance of people who wanted Kennford dead but not necessarily his wife and daughter dead.Maeve is also dealing with some relationship problems with her boyfriend Rob. Maeve has moved in with him to get away from a stalker but feels that she has jumped too fast into something she can't control. She is constantly second guessing herself. Rob, a former colleague, is now in a different section of the police and is being hit on by his superior. He hasn't shared this information with Maeve because he thought he could handle it. When someone sends suggestive pictures to Maeve, it feeds her suspicions about Rob and convinces her that she should end the relationship.The characters are all well-drawn and well-rounded people. Derwent is sexist, abrasive, not at all politically correct, and willing to be on Maeve's side when the chips are down. I liked the relationship that they have. Maeve isn't going to let any of his rude comments upset her and she, respectfully, gives as good as she gets. Fans of police procedurals will enjoy the twists and turns of this well-written tale.