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The Girl with the Iron Touch

The Girl with the Iron Touch - Kathryn Smith This book, the third in the series, continues storylines begun in the earlier books. However, for me, the key activities in this one had to do with the various romances of the characters. Griffin is keeping secrets which both worries and annoys Finley. She isn't sure what he thinks about her though she knows that she is thinking about him constantly. Emily and Sam are also getting ready to admit their feelings for each other.But the Emily is kidnapped and an old villain makes a reappearance. Emily is kidnapped by some of the mechanical creatures made by the Machinist. Led by the mechanical Queen Victoria, they want Emily to transfer the Machinist's (Garibaldi's) brain into a new vessel since his body was almost completely destroyed in the last book. Garibaldi has prepared a new body using bits of flesh and blood from Finley, Griffin, Emily, and Jackson. When Emily meets her, she is still developing her form and personality. I really liked this character who renames herself Mila and can understand why Emily would be so eager to save her even though she plans to do her best to kill Garibaldi.Cross has developed a wonderful steampunk world with fascinating inventions. I enjoyed the worldbuilding and the growth in the characters. Fans of both steampunk and romances will find something to like in this engaging story.