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SEAL of Honor (Hornet)

SEAL of Honor - Tonya Burrows SEAL OF HONOR was an exciting and entertaining romantic suspense title. Gabe Bristow is a former Navy SEAL who has left the service because of severe injuries he got in a car accident. He is at loose ends and pondering his future plans. He knows he doesn't want the desk job his father, the General, has lined up for him but he isn't sure that he wants to turn into a mercenary either. When a friend offers him the job leading a team that does hostage rescues and has a hostage in mind, he agrees to give it a try.The first problem Gabe faces is the herd of misfits that make up his team. They don't have time to work together to develop teamwork if they want to rescue wealthy American businessman Bryson Van Amee from the Colombian kidnappers who hold him. An additional complication comes in the person of Bryson's younger sister Audrey Van Amee who is determined to help. She is a free-spirited artist and the complete opposite of Gabe's Type A personality. But sparks fly when they meet.Gabe and Audrey's relationship grows while they are held hostage by two different groups of bad guys and despite Gabe's determination to keep things professional. Audrey shows courage and determination that wins him over. The plot was nicely twisty, the characters interesting and well-developed, and the writing was smooth. Fans of romantic suspense will enjoy this story.