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Of Triton - Anna Banks I really enjoyed OF TRITON because I really enjoyed the main character Emma's voice. I liked the way she tried to be her best self despite all sorts of setbacks. After all, finding out that the love of her mother's life wasn't her father and then meeting him would be enough to rock most people. I also liked the way she was torn between wanting to believe her mother and wanting to believe Galen who is the mer-man she loves. This story begins with Emma's mother Nalia running from and then reuniting with her true love Grom. Nalia is the Poseidon princess that Grom thought was dead. Nalia is certain that she was responsible for Grom's death too. Once reunited, you would think everything would be wonderful...but that would make a very short book.Nalia and Grom have a couple of major problems. While she was gone, Grom was pressured into mating with a Common named Paca who seems to be exhibiting the Poseidon Gift. And Paca's father Jagen has decided to do some social re-engineering and overthrow the Royals. An additional problem is that Emma herself is a Half Breed. Half Breeds are not allowed to live. Galen is determined to change that law and make her his mate. Galen is a very hunky character. Not only is he gorgeous but he adores Emma. Read OF POSEIDON first and then you will be eager to devour this story that combines romance and suspense.