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The Spanish Revenge: A Craig Page Thriller (Craig Page Thrillers)

The Spanish Revenge - Allan Topol In THE SPANISH REVENGE, Craig Page and his girlfriend Elizabeth have to thwart a plot to ignite violent conflict between Muslims and Christians in Europe. Our villain is Ahmed Sadi who has taken the name of an early Muslim hero/martyr named Musa Ben Abdil. However, the villain from THE CHINA GAMBIT—General Zhou—also makes an appearance combining forces with this book's villain.While the text was readable, it could have used some editing because on more than one occasion different characters repeat the same sentiments using almost the same words. I was also dismayed when Craig's lover Elizabeth tells him something that he surely knew as though it were new information. I also had some issues with character development. I felt that most of the characters were two dimensional and generally unlikable. Many of the politicians, including the US President, were shown to be self-serving and/or corrupt. As a matter of fact, it was often difficult to tell the bad guys from the good guys. Of course that does free Craig to be the one who "saves the day" however illogical that would be. The story was action-packed with kidnappings, murders, bombs, attempted murder of the Pope, and armed invasion of Southern Spain by Muslims who want to retake the Alhambra. It was exciting—until you stopped to think about how unrealistic it all was. People who want a thriller for a beach read might enjoy this one.