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Good As Gone
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Aberration - Lisa  Regan I enjoyed this thriller a lot. Kassidy Bishop has had a tough life. Her twin sister died by falling from the window of her eleventh floor dorm room and Kassidy is convinced that she didn't jump. She becomes an FBI agent and, when acting as bait for a serial killer, she is beaten and tortured before someone comes in releases her, hands her her own gun, and lets her kill her attacker. The facial reconstruction and resulting brain damage were enough to have her transferred into the Behavior Analysis Unit at the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime. She is now working the case of a serial killer who is leaving a message—For You—at the scene of every crime. On the personal front, she is having a long-distance affair with Portland Detective Jory Ralston. They don't meet often but the passion is intense when they do meet. Kass feels very guilty about their relationship because Jory is married. Jory wants to divorce his wife and be with Kass but she is afraid because she fears she will lose him as she has lost many of those close to her. The story is also told from the viewpoint of the For You killer. It turns out that he is doing his killing for Kassidy. The story of his abusive childhood and assorted mental issues including dissociative identity disorder make it hard to hate him despite the horrible things he does. It is also extremely creepy that he has been stalking Kassidy for more than 20 years. I can't really say too much more about the plot without some major spoilers. The story was filled with twists and turns as we saw the events from both Kassidy's and the killer's points of view. The story-telling technique managed to keep building the tension all the way to the stunning resolution. Fans of psychological thrillers will really enjoy this one.