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The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die - April Henry THE GIRL WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO DIE was an engaging, heart-pounding thriller that was filled with mystery and danger. A sixteen-year-old girl returns to consciousness to hear the two men who have tortured and beaten her decide to kill her. She manages to use skills she didn't know she had to get away from the man left of kill her but her troubles are just beginning.She has no idea who she is or what it is she is supposed to know. She doesn't know who she can trust. She has quite a few close calls because the unknown villains are hot on her trail. She is befriended by Ty who is a formerly homeless young man finishing his senior year and working at McDonald's. He decides to help her because people had helped him when he needed it. Together the two of them manage to unravel the mystery. I liked Cady and Ty and thought they were very realistic. I liked the writing style which relied and short sentences and first person narration. I think this title would be good for middle graders and reluctant older readers as well.