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Wolf with Benefits (Pride Stories Series #8)

Wolf with Benefits - Shelly Laurenston WOLF WITH BENEFITS was another quirky--very quirky--paranormal romance by Shelly Laurenston. Jackal Toni Jean-Louis Parker is the oldest of eleven and is the one who can manage to keep her siblings' lives organized. All of the other kids are prodigies in one field or another and almost all of them have the ego to go with their extraordinary gifts. Toni is constantly solving problems--often self-created problems--for her assorted siblings. Toni meets Ricky Lee Reed while escorting some of her younger siblings to the sports arena where one of her brothers wants Bo Novikov's authograph--and to sketch him naked. Ricky Lee finds her entertaining and attractive. He's a wolf and so isn't at all prejudiced against jackals since they are both canines. Not that he wants to mate with her, but a little fun would be good. It doesn't take long before Toni and Ricky Lee are both involved in Toni's new job as Director of Team Travels and Promotions and a threat to her siblings. The dialog is crisp and funny. The byplay between Toni and Ricky is funny. The story is filled with appearances by characters from earlier books in the series including Blayne, Bo Novikov, and Dee-Ann Smith. A new character, Livy Kowalski the honey badger, adds all sorts of craziness of her own. This one was fun. Fans of funny, quirky paranormal romances will love it.